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We repair all major brands garbage disposals:
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Please read all of the appliance maintenance tips below. All of the simple tips are meant to prevent your appliances from future failure. Appliance repairs can be costly and 99% of the time the reason for that is improper usage or lack of very basic maintenance. We strongly encourage that if your appliance, air conditioning or heating unit don’t function properly and requires repair, simply call one of our service technicians who has the knowledge, experience and right tools to fix it. San Jose Air conditioning / Heating and Appliance repairs is available for all your needs.

Most importantly, however, you can keep your garbage disposal and trash compactor running the way they should merely by following certain simple preventive maintenance procedures regularly. Not only will such maintenance help you derive the benefits of maximum efficiency and performance, but it will also result in a longer and more trouble-free life for your air conditioner.

GARBAGE DISPOSERS maintenance tips

Garbage disposers are relatively simple devices designed to eliminate wet garbage down your kitchen sink drain. The upper portion of the disposer bolts to the sink flange or sink outlet in place of the normal outlet and water and food matter pass into container located directly below the outlet. At bottom of the garbage disposer container is flywheel which is mounted directly to the motor' shaft.

When you turn on the disposer, the flywheel- spins at around 1725 rpm. The centrifugal force -- the spinning disk throws the food against the side--z of the container with some force. At the outer edges of the disk is a hardened steel ring called shredder which contains several sets of cutting edges. The food waste hits the shredder ring and
Ground into tiny pieces- Some flywheels have weights on them to hammer away at stub foods others have a flat flywheel which is design to direct the food to the cutting edges of teeth shredder.

When the particles are ground small enough to pass through the openings between the shredder and the flywheel, a stream of cold water flushes these particles down into the drain line. You should always have the cold water running when you use your disposer; it will flush the garbage particles, as fast as they are ground. You must use only use cold Water when you operate your disposer. Hot water temporarily liquefies grease which then solidifies further down the drain line. A drain that is coated with grease collects other disposer waste until you have clog of major proportions to try to eliminate The cardinal rule for disposer operation is to put in only the type of garbage capable of being ground by the particular disposer model you own. The list of disposable garbage items varies from one company to another, depending on the design and construction of their disposers. Be sure to check your instruction manual before you operate any garbage disposer; familiarize yourself thoroughly with the things that your disposer can and cannot accept. Some of the things that are definitely taboo are metal objects (such as bottle tops, spoons, forks, etc.), glass, paper, plastic, and rubber. Not only are these likely to jam the disposer, but they can also clog the drain line. Most disposers can grind bones; in fact, bones are good for your disposer because they help clean away detergent film as well as the citric acid deposits left after you grind fruit peelings.

No matter how well you care for it, though, sooner or later your disposer will become jammed with a foreign object. Before you take any corrective action whatsoever, be sure to unplug the disposer. Try to remove the object directly if you can. Some disposers have a wrench which you can insert through the bottom of the housing to turn the flywheel. Turn the power off, insert the wrench, and rock it to both sides until you free the jam.
If your disposer did not come with such a wrench, you can insert a wooden stick a broom handle works well through the mouth of the disposer. Use the stick to pry against the jam in both

Directions and you are almost sure to dislodge the intruder. Remove the foreign object from the hopper before you turn the disposer on again. A pair of ice tongs is handy for such tasks. Never under any circumstances put your hand into the mouth of any disposer. Obey this rule no matter what type of machine you own. Be sure to use plenty of cold water when you run your disposer, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for getting rid of odors. Usually, grinding a hopper full of ice cubes, followed by a whole lemon, is quite effective in deodorizing your disposers.

TRASH COMPACTORS maintenance tip

There are few service or maintenance procedures you can perform on a compactor. Remove and clean the ram every month to prevent odors from arising, and clean the container drawer at regular intervals even though little garbage escapes the disposable bags. If you find it necessary to remove the drive mechanism for service, be sure to apply an extreme high-pressure lubricant before putting the mechanism back into operation. If you leave the drive mechanism alone, however, its lubricant should last the lifetime of the appliance.

Exercise the utmost care when emptying the trash compactor's disposable bags. Broken glass can puncture the plastic or paper bag and inflict injury. The best and safest method of handling compacted garbage is to place the bag into a separate container before transporting it to the garbage can. Try not to handle the trash bag directly

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